Wednesday, 18 November 2015

This Much I Know - Selling Online


This week's this much I know is all about selling online.

I first dipped my toe into the world of selling my makes online at the end of 2010 when I launched my Folksy shop and website, followed later the following year with an Etsy shop.  It has taken a while to get to grips with it all.  To be completely honest it's been a steep learning curve and one which I am still on, discovering something new everyday.

Here are five of the main things I have learnt along the way, I hope they may help others on the same online selling journey...

This Much I Know About Selling Online....

  1. It all starts with a great, unique, lovely, desirable product - if you focus on getting that bit right you are more than half way there
  2. Good photography is essential.  It really is make or break.  The photos need to make up for the fact the customer can not pick the item up and get a good look at it, feel it, form an attachment to it.  Good clear photos, in a variety of angles, some with and without a little styling, to help put the product in context, will always increase your chances.
  3. Get the price right - The price needs to be fair to the customer and you.  If it's too cheap, not only will you ultimately lose out, you may turn customers off as they will be worried about the quality.  If it's too expensive you may turn people off, or disappoint and risk not getting return custom.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on pricing, here's a link to help:
  4. Keep your online shops well stocked and looking good.  If you can't keep it stocked, put it in holiday mode with a clear message in the header.  In that message give a clear indication as to why you have no stock (you may have a craft fair or a wholesale order) and when you'll next have stock online or where else they can find you online.  This all seems very simple and obvious, but it's surprising how many shops get left to tumble weed.  You never know who is looking at your shop, you could miss a golden opportunity!
  5. Social Media Works - tell everyone on all the social media sites and be consistent about it.  The shops that do best are the ones that cleverly use social media and create a strong brand to build a following and make it easy for people to find them and fall in love with their products.  For more tips on building a brand, here's a link to last week's post about branding: and for more tips on social media, I did a post a while ago which goes into detail about each of the main social media sites, here's a link to that too:

 I hope you found those five quick tips useful. Next week I'll be sharing a few things I know about websites.

Have a lovely day!