Friday, 13 November 2015

Something Pinteresting - Stationery Love

Happy Friday!

I make no secret of it, I've always loved pretty stationery as I grew up in an age when writing to pen friends was a pleasure beyond measure! No letter was complete without matching paper, envelope and little stickers!...even the pen you wrote with had to match - such happy, happy times!

Thankfully, we can all still indulge in this as the choice of stunning stationery on the market today is amazing...and it is very satisfying to see, especially in this digital age, that the art of paper correspondence is very much alive and thriving! 

Here are a few of my favourite pics pulled from my pinterest board called 'Stationery Love'...

From the top and the pic above - we have a botanical collection from Roger La Borde.

This perfectly pretty range of paper bags, stickers and washi is by Elizabeth Olwen for Madison Park

A truly gorgeous embroidered notebook from Accessorize

Sunshiny, brightly coloured letterpress cards from Hello Lucky

Botani - Call or Write Stationery Set from Mod Cloth

Last but not least, pretty coloured washi tapes from Paper & Cloth

I hope that has all made you smile!
Have a lovely weekend