Sunday, 1 June 2014

Playing with my new calligraphy pen and ink


A couple of weeks ago I invested in a new calligraphy pen set complete with various nibs and some inks.  I wanted to get my hands on a set like this for a while as I've been longing to practice my drawing with this medium as I love the texture of line it lends to my doodles.  It's  been such a long time since I've drawn with a pen like this, so I set myself the little challenge of doing a 30 - 40 minute 'warm up' drawing before getting stuck into any commissioned work, or any other work related tasks...

The idea came about as I was starting to grow frustrated at the lack of creative time I get to spend on simply experimenting with new work, thanks to all the admin and general housekeeping stuff that comes with running a business from home around two very busy young girls...

So, I came to the conclusion that starting the working day with a set amount of time to practice or experiment with new ways of working was no bad thing. In fact I've found it's a very soothing way to focus my mind and leaves me better prepared to tackle other jobs as it makes me feel I've achieved something before I even take a look at my emails or my diary.  

It's been half term here this past week, so I've not done any of these drawings or much work for that matter, in the past week.  However, tomorrow is the start of a new working week, so I hope to continue with more of my morning 'warm ups' and see what comes out of those little drawing sessions.

I hope you all have a lovely week too.