Monday, 23 June 2014

I Made A Lampshade...


I am so happy with this I could burst!

On an earlier blog post, I showed you a little bit of trim that caught my eye on Felt Folk’s stand at The Contemporary CraftsFestival.  At the time I was in the good company of Helen Botrill from Kindred Rose – who not only makes gorgeous lampshades herself which she sells from her Folksy shop, but also runs lampshade making workshops and sells lampshade kits.  Well, I had a light bulb moment and could immediately see what that piece of trim was meant for.  It was meant to be part of a cheery lampshade for the lamp that sits on top of my granny’s half moon glass cabinet in our dining room.

So armed with my pretty trim and one of Helen’s kits I was all set to get to work. The kit I chose came with some vintage Laura Ashley fabric in a lovely sunny yellow and a nice length of pure white pom pom trim to add a finishing touch.  I also added some green ribbon I had in my stash from last year’s Christmas photo shoot as the embroidered trim I bought needed something to give it’s edges a nice finish and protect it from fraying as it’s quite delicate.

I’m very limited when it comes to my skills in the general textile area – I can sew a hem, darn a hole, sew a button back on and clap together some sort of fancy dress ‘tabard’ effort when my children announce that they have a themed fancy dress day at school... nothing that really demands close inspection of my stitching abilities! 

For this reason, I believed that making a lampshade may be beyond my level of abilities.  However, thanks to a set of very clear, hand holding, step by step with photos showing every stage instructions – I confidently took my time and this is what I produced...


I am so proud and so delighted with it.  It was time very well spent and lots of fun too.

Thank you Kindered Rose!   And if you fancy having a go at making something like this, you’ll find the kits like the one I used, listed here on Folksy.

Have a lovely week

Best wishes