Friday, 17 February 2012

I'm One Lucky Lady!...

WOW!!...I hadn't quite realised the response I'd had to my giveaway, its safe to say 
my flabber has been gasted!! :-0!

HELLO to lots of lovely new faces here, It's going to take me a while to get around you all and come and say hello back, but I will do it as soon as I can!

Welcome everyone - its so good to see you all here.  I'm also blown away by the response on facebook, so many new likes and messages in the past few days...again it'll take me a little while but I will come and say hello back soon.  

I'm not the greatest social networker in the world.  Any of my friends will tell you, I've had a mobile phone for over a year with all the touch screen, whizzy social network stuff ...but I still struggle to send a text and don't really know how my phone works!  I was really happy with the old one, but it was getting a bit embarrassing to get it out in public as it was 'dated' to say the least!

That said, put me in front of a computer with a keyboard, mouse and better still, a graphics tablet  - or shove a pen in my hand and ask me to draw and I'm cookin' as I'm in my comfort zone :-)

If you've not entered my giveaway yet there is still time as it closes on Monday night, here's the link to find out all about it: 1000 likers Giveaway

I'm feeling a very lucky lady this week.  With Valentine's Day just gone, I'm definitely feeling that there is love in the air.  Firstly, there's the response the the giveaway.  Secondly, I got some gorgeous roses and was wined and dined by my wonderful husband.  Thirdly, I received an amazing parcel this week as a thank you for some work I did a couple of months ago....

...Some of you may remember that I was helping the fantastic Daisy Mooo set up their website (here it is - please go and have a look, it won't disappoint!: ).

I created a whole host of images for them to add to their site.  And, because they were using the same web hosts as my own website, I went and set a lot of the images up on their site so that they had a head start as they had a LOT of lovely products to post up...
...I'm so delighted with how they've put the final site together and how they've used the images I've created.  I really had a great time drawing all their fun and quirky creations as I'm a bit of a fan of theirs.

Imagine how excited I was when I received a parcel this week, as a thank you from Kim & Jess at Daisy Mooo for my efforts, with these gorgeous beach huts in... 

...this one is for my 5 year old daughter - as she loves all colours....

...and this one is for my 3 year old daughter, because only pink will do!...

..Aren't they lovely? they make me want to be beside the seaside with an ice-cream in my hand!

The photos really don't do the colours justice, they are so bright and cheerful and perfectly made - really good quality...and my girls absolutely LOVE them.

So you see, I really am a luck lady and hopefully one of you will be too on Monday evening when my Giveaway closes!!! (he he - see what I did there?)

Good Luck everyone and see you here on Monday to randomly select the winner!

Have a great weekend,

Angie x