Monday, 20 February 2012

1000 Fb Likes Giveaway - We Have A Lucky Winner!

Good evening everyone!

Thank you all so much for your overwhelming response to my giveaway, 
as I said in my last blog post, I really am truly grateful and welcome you all.

Well the time has come to let the random selector do it's thing!


All the names of the entries have been added to an excel spread sheet ('cos I'm a bit nerdy like that!)...

...there were 95 names in total once I'd taken into account messages and shares on here, fb and twitter.

I copied and pasted all the names from my excel file into this groovy little random selector tool I found on  I used this tool on my 500 likes giveaway and it made random selecting much more fun! ;-)

...its really rather cute because when you've entered the names, you can hit the 'Fruit Machine' button and then it jumbles all the names up and whizzes them around like a real fruit machine complete with realistic sound effects...and then you get a little cheer when it lands on the winner's name! ...

..And there you have it!...the very lucky winner is Laura at Rococco Creations! YAY! 


Thank you everyone for taking part.

Laura, I'll be in touch to sort out getting your prize to you soon :-)

Best Wishes

Angie x