Friday, 27 March 2015

Something Pinteresting For The Weekend...

Happy Friday!

My pinteresting picks for this weekend are sharing some of my all time favourite illustrators and some inspiring illustrations I've discovered along the way.

First up has to be Pat Hutchins and her marvellous illustrations for the book 'Rosie's Walk'.  Thinking back, these are the very first illustrations from my childhood that really stirred my interest in wanting to be an artist of some kind.  Her beautiful line drawing is everything I aspire to achieve, in my own way of course.

Rosie's Walk is still a very popular children's book, and it's been lovely to share the love of that book with my own children all these years later. Here's a link to it on Amazon:

Next up, Mary Blair. A shining talent with Disney and the brains behind Disney Land & World's attraction 'Its A Small World' .  Her work is bold, colourful, ornate and extremely joyful - it ticks every box for me!  If you want to discover more, here's a link to the magic of Mary Blair site:

LOOK AT THESE TWO ILLUSTRATIONS!!!...aren't they exquisite?!...

I discovered both of these on pinterest - it's always so exciting to discover such wonderful work for the first time.

 The top one is by Japanese illustrator Hisanori Yoshida.  I love the way the image plays with light, it has a watery dream like quality that is truly beautiful. 

 I found this blog post which shares lots more of Hisanori's work:

The illustration below is by one of my favourite illustrators that I discovered not only on pinterest but also on Society 6 - Teagan White.  Teagan always has intricate details in her work which is often inspired by nature.  There is a gentle playfulness in many of her pieces, I just love looking at them and soaking it all up!
Here's a link to Teagan's Society 6:

I hope these illustrations inspire you as much as they inspire me.  To see more from my 'Inspiring Illustrations' collection over on pinterest, here's the link:

Have a lovely weekend!

Best wishes