Monday, 10 October 2011

All the Fun of the Fair!

The weeks seem to be flying by at the moment, one minute its summer and the next its autumn. 

A couple of weeks ago our annual fun fair came to town.  That's me and my youngest daughter below having a great time on the carousel - check out the sun glasses and t-shirts...normally we have to wear jumpers, raincoats and wellies to the fair.

I spent last week grafting away to make up for the amount of money I spent having some 'old fashioned fun'.  I'm sure its better value to go to a decent theme park when all is said and done - oh well, thank goodness its only once a year! ...

....Well I say I was grafting away, actually for the first part of last week I was struck down with the lurgie (maybe it was all the candyfloss I ate or lack of winter coat in October - who knows?!).  Still, I'm all better now and getting myself organised for the Christmas shopping evenings and Craft Fairs I have looming in the coming few weeks.  I've ordered plenty more greeting cards for my stall and am framing up prints, so I'll soon be all ready to go...


...talking of organised, I've listed all my new range of cards on my website, so now you can order them directly whether you are a retailer looking for new stock, or you just fancy sending some cheer in the post to your friends and family.  All the cards can be found here:

I also have the difficult task of having to do some more research into cakes, chocolates and tea drinking, as I've had a new brief in to prepare some new designs for the NEC Spring Fair.  If you happen to follow me on pintrest this may explain some of my recent frenzied pinning sessions....

...I must admit, my pintrest addiction is shaping up nicely.  Its so darned useful from my point of view, not just to get inspiration for greetings card designs, but also as a tool for people to brief me to do their online branding.  When I've been given a link to a pintrest board as a brief I 'get it' straight away as its clear for me to see exactly what they're looking for.  Please feel free to pop over and say hello to me on pintrest soon:

Have a great week,