Friday, 9 September 2011

First Christmas design of the year!...

Oh my, it's started!...the lead up to Christmas has arrived in our house this week with the completion of this new design.  Introducing my Christmas version of the family tree print, complete with a charming little quote at the bottom which reads 'The best gifts around any Christmas Tree is the presence of a happy family wrapped up in each other'...I do like that quote, as it'll be a  nice little reminder to my kids about the true spirit of Christmas when they're bickering over the TV remote/ toys/ extra bit of pudding!...

I've had this design in mind for some time now, so it feels really good to see it all done and printed up.  I'm also plodding away on some other Christmas items around other work I have in at the moment - I'm feeling quite inspired on the Christmas theme at the moment so I'm rolling with it!

I've also had a little re-jig of some of the things on my website to make it more fitting with the Autumn Winter season - please, go and see for yourselves:

Have a great weekend.