Monday, 11 July 2011

This Blog is 1 year old Today!

I can't quite believe that a whole year has flown by since I wrote and posted my very first blog post. I also can't believe how nervous I was about making that first post and consequently how much I've gained from blogging and other forms of social networking since. To anyone reading this thinking they'd like to have a go at blogging but are not sure - I say without hesitation DO IT!

I originally started blogging as a means to take part in Illustration Friday, which for me was a way of getting back into regularly illustrating after over a decade of doing anything but regularly illustrating since graduating with my degree in illustration!

Illustration Friday is fantastic, it got me back in the swing of things quickly and has helped me create some prints that have gone on to be my best sellers. I've been so busy lately its been ages since I've been able to find time to take part, but I do have a look with the good intention of participating again soon.

My blog gave me the confidence to have a go at a facebook page and a twitter profile, all of which combined have lead to fantastic work opportunities and budding online friendships with other creative minded people. Blogging keeps me inspired and motivated, its the most wonderful source of information especially for anyone interested in art, craft and design - and the best thing is, people are sharing this information for FREE.

Happy birthday blog, I look forward to another year of inspiration!

On another note, above is a cheeky peek at some things I've been working on recently, they are snippets from a range of greetings cards I'm developing - more about that in a few weeks time!...

Talking of fabulous bloggers, I've just finished working with Lynda from the blog Hookin' With Laa Laa please pop over and see her new look blog, folksy shop and twitter profile. There are some great home accessories in her folksy shop so its definitely worth a visit.

I've also been developing some more imagery, banners, pages and loads of buttons for my friend Marna over at
Little A Designs. Marna's gorgeous cushions, hanging hearts, stars and birds all feature a variety of quirky and beautiful buttons, so she wanted a selection of digital illustration buttons that she could use to scatter all over her website and product photos. The result is the clip art of buttons I created for her below.

Thanks for bearing with my epic blog post today, I hope you all have a great week!