Monday, 27 June 2011

Loads of lovely businesses - all with new logos!...

As I mentioned in a recent post, I've been a busy bee lately. In between preparing for my last craft fair and my recent portrait commission...not to mention the large project I've embarked on with a greeting card publisher (which I'll be able to share details of with you in a few months time)...I have been as busy as ever creating loads of lovely logo designs.

I enjoy sharing these with you as its a great opportunity to introduce you to an amazing variety of wonderful small businesses all producing great handmade products. And, having read some of your blogs, I know I'm not alone with my love for all things handmade!

So please, sit back and let me introduce you to the following....

Sew Nicely Done - Wow, Fely's bags are stunning! Made with absolute care and attention to detail, which makes them essential items for any yummy mummy! She's got a fine choice of oilcloths to choose from and you can even have your bag tailored for you & personalised.

Cake Stand Heaven: This webpage is a treasure waiting to be discovered. I've already told Anita from Cake Stand Heaven that when I win the Euro Millions, I'm going to buy all her stock and a load of massive dressers to display them on. Heaven is the right choice of word here!

Love is Jewellery: A beautiful website filled with delicate and gorgeous bridal and costume jewellery. What's more, Tracy offers beautiful bridal jewellery sets & tiaras at very reasonable prices - wish I'd known about this site a few years ago when planning my own wedding!

Bath Bomb Biz : Ahh, this was a very rewarding job for me as it was all about approaching things in a slightly different way. Initially I did a total rebrand. However, Bath Bomb Biz has been successfully trading for about 6 years and are beginning to establish a name for themselves as 'the place' to get kits, recipes and equipment to make bath bombs, bath melts, lip balms, bath creamers & melt and pour soaps. Amanda from Bath Bomb Biz & I agreed that changing their existing logo now would be (pardon the pun) like 'throwing the baby out with the bath water'. So I've taken their old logo and added a bit of zing to make it lovely bubbly!! (oh dear, I've gone into pun overload - I may need a lie down!). If you enjoy making soaps, you really should add this page to your web browser favourites!

Lumin Likes: Vix at Lumin Likes creates gorgeous handmade textiles, mainly items for babies and the home such as dribble bibs and door stops. She's got an amazing selection of bright, folk art inspired fabrics (lots of woodland themed prints). Her facebook page has really taken off and now Lumin Likes is set to expand into other online areas such as a website and folksy page. I've created an icon of a little deer called Lumin to give this business an identity as charming as its products.

So that's it for now...there are more branding jobs being worked on and I'll be able to introduce some more fab businesses to you again soon.

Have a great week!