Monday, 11 April 2011

The Prim Patch's New Look

It has been a very busy past week for me. Last week in our house we've just celebrated two birthdays and a wedding anniversary (sounds a bit like a Richard Curtis film!). We've also had the usual end of school term shinanigins and a five year old's birthday party for 30 children to organise...on top of which I've somehow managed to keep on top of the commissions I have at the moment - not sure how I've done it, but I've proved to myself that it can be done. A lot of credit needs to go to my long suffering husband who was brilliant at keeping me sane and helping enormously with the party preparations. I'm definitely looking forward to a much calmer week this week, phew! ;-)

Actually, I found the logo designs I've worked on this past week a nice relaxing break from all the chaos of family life. The first one I've just completed is for The Prim Patch - a lovely craft business based in Northern Ireland that creates beautiful, shabby chic inspired handmade accessories and personalised keepsakes for the home. Debbie from The Prim Patch has a wonderful selection of handpainted drawer pulls for children's bedroom furniture - go see, go see, go on!...

...I must say I've been very lucky to have had a number of these logo commissions in the past few weeks, but I'm really excited this week to have just lined up a couple of orders for portraits because its been a couple of months since I've done any of those. Unfortunately, I won't be able to post anything for quite sometime on here for one of the portraits, as its been commissioned as a surprise present for a party in the summer. As soon as I can post it I will.