Friday, 15 April 2011

Fresh designs for Kandi Pandi to launch her new Folksy Shop

Hello, me again - my second blog post of the week no less!

Well, I've just finished a really enjoyable job for a very lovely lady. Kandi Pandi has been blogging for a little while and has decided the time has come to put her gorgeous crafty makes in a new Folksy shop. She asked me to design some new banners and buttons for her blog and Folksy shop - naturally I gave her the works.

Above are the finished designs. Lisa from Kandi Pandi will be filling her new folksy shop with goodies over the next few weeks, if you're a Folksy fan (like me), please go and visit her shop:

Also, she has a fantastic blog which is definitely worth following, especially if you love textiles, crochet and candle making:

Hope you all have a lovely weekend bloggers!

A x