Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Designs for 2011

I'd like to share with you some of my new designs for 2011.

After a busy December, I have a sketch book filled with ideas that I've not had a chance to work on until now...and it's great to have time to experiment with techniques and colours.

The news of two Royal weddings for 2011 has got me in a nostalgic and patriotic mood. I'm old enough to just about remember the street parties and celebrations of Charles & Di's wedding. One of the things I do remember (aside from a 'proper knees up!') is getting commemorative china cups from my school - all very British and all very Victorian. This sparked the idea for the new range of prints I'm selling on my website & Folksy - a nice dollop of British nostalgia to celebrate the beloved nectar of this fine nation .....TEA!! (make mine a builder's brew, splash of milk, no sugar please!).

The other print design you see here, you may recognise from a previous blog post. It was my answer to Illustration Friday's topic 'Burning'. As I need a bit of sunshine in my life at this dark , grey time of year, I've decided to turn it into a print - I hope you all approve!

Right, I'm off to work on some more designs.