Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Designs for 2011

I'd like to share with you some of my new designs for 2011.

After a busy December, I have a sketch book filled with ideas that I've not had a chance to work on until now...and it's great to have time to experiment with techniques and colours.

The news of two Royal weddings for 2011 has got me in a nostalgic and patriotic mood. I'm old enough to just about remember the street parties and celebrations of Charles & Di's wedding. One of the things I do remember (aside from a 'proper knees up!') is getting commemorative china cups from my school - all very British and all very Victorian. This sparked the idea for the new range of prints I'm selling on my website & Folksy - a nice dollop of British nostalgia to celebrate the beloved nectar of this fine nation .....TEA!! (make mine a builder's brew, splash of milk, no sugar please!).

The other print design you see here, you may recognise from a previous blog post. It was my answer to Illustration Friday's topic 'Burning'. As I need a bit of sunshine in my life at this dark , grey time of year, I've decided to turn it into a print - I hope you all approve!

Right, I'm off to work on some more designs.



  1. Loving the tea prints Angie, they are fab, so British, love the colours and the typeface too! Hope you had a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year! xx

  2. Thank you Jenny - your feedback keeps me motivated. Hope you also had a nice Christmas & New Year too! x