Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My 1st Blog Award!

I'm so happy! I've just been awarded my first ever blog award - a huge thank you to Jenny Arnott Textiles for passing the award on to me. Please check out Jenny's blog and website, it is filled to the brim with gorgeous embroidered loveliness - and like me, she's also based in Somerset (I do like supporting local designer/makers).

This award is a bit different to most as it is given to crafty blogs which have less than 300 readers, to encourage more people to visit you and see your designs & makes, then you pass the award on to some more crafty blogs.

So sticking to the rules, here are my chosen blogs to pass the award onto:

Muddy Puddy Crafts - for Jo's amazing selection of fun, colourful wooden home accessories, this blog is a joyful place to be, guaranteed to make you smile!

Victoria Rose Crafts - Rose is indeed the 'Queen of Crochet', but she also finds time to keep an inspiring blog filled with updates on her projects, craft fairs and everything that goes with living the crafters life.

Kelly Medina - Kelly is also an Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Illustration Friday participant. I love the way Kelly handles bright colours and simplified shapes, she knows what works well together and her designs are confident & cheerful.

String - Jane is a children's Illustrator & Designer, she often posts photos of found objects for inspiration on her blog. I love getting those posts in my newsfeed as they spark my imagination and keep me inspired.

Thank you for sharing your fantastic blogs, I hope lots more people gain inspiration from your blogs in the future!

Angie x


  1. Thanks Angie :-) How kind!

    Now I must get my bum into gear & do a post ;-) lol

    Have a fab week!

    Rose X

  2. You're welcome Angie, you're work is so lovely! Thank you muchly for linking back to my blog and website, and for the fantastic blog badge - very much appreciated, thank you :) now off to check out your chosen blogs! xx

  3. Thanks Angie. I really appreciate it.

  4. congrats Ang!!! well deserved x big hugs for passing it on, best get my finger out & become a good blogger again!

  5. Congrats on the first award! I always like your work so a couple of days ago I passed the Stylish Blogger Award onto you. (I'm a little late in telling you) You can find it on my blog if you want to play along :)