Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Family Tree

I saw some lovely green shoots in my garden this morning, the signs of spring are here (hooray!). Thoughts of spring and all things growing has got me thinking about how my own children have grown. I thought about creating something from me to them, something about our family that they can treasure and will always bring smiles to their faces. Then I remembered that my Granny used to have a family tree photo frame on her glass cabinet (the same glass cabinet that stands proudly in our dining room).

The print design above is my first attempt at designing a Family Tree print with apertures to add photographs. I may do a few more of these in the future as I want one of the designs to be the one I give to my girls. This is definitely my spring tree - I could do a tree for each season...Hmmm, best go and note that down in the sketchbook!