Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year Bloggers! - here's my first post of 2011!

Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2011 proves to be a happy, healthy, lucky & prosperous year for you all!

I'm delighted to kick the year off by sharing this piece of work with you. Just before Christmas I had a little rush of Christmas gift commissions that I've not been able to share with you until now. The canvas portrait pictured here is a very special piece, commissioned as a 65th birthday present for the proud grandfather of the two girls in the portrait. It was presented at a special celebration between Christmas & New Year (which I hope went very well - if the lady who commissioned the piece is reading this!). The brief was to include lots of reference to Welsh national rugby, as this gentleman is passionate about his nation's sport!

The final image was printed onto a 90cm wide x 60cm high canvas and is based on a lot of ideas my customer had in her mind along with lots of my own ideas. I really do enjoy being challenged to create something for someone that they've visualised in their mind - its great to be able to bring it to life for them.

In short, this was a really satisfying job for me and I am very proud to show it off on here!