Friday, 9 May 2014

My Society 6 Spring Clean...

Hope you've all had a good week. I've been head down getting on with commissioned work mostly this week.  I have a broad variety of commissioned projects on the go this month - I'm really rather excited about them as it's a case of no two days the same.  In between these jobs I've been trying to get some online shops housekeeping done as I'll soon need to start developing some new ranges for later in the year, so wanted to tidy up some loose ends before that all kicks off.

One of the tasks I've wanted to tick off my list is start to get my Society 6 shop in order and upload some of my more recent pattern designs.  This week I made a good start on that...

You can now find my Botanically Black and Bluebirds designs available from the US on iphone cases, laptop skins, tote bags, prints etc in my Society 6 shop here:

I've also added my Hollyhocks and London patterns to all sorts of items too...

It's a great way to see how the designs will work on all this items and it's prompted me to do some research into getting such items printed here in the UK as I'm always keen to support local and homegrown businesses and cut down on carbon footprints.  I pleased to say, I'll be able to announce more on that soon ;)

The other great thing about having a little tidy up is it brings a few more very welcome visitors to my Society 6 store.  The result of that has been that Society 6 have now added my Woodland Wild Things design (see below) to their main online store, which I am very happy about. So that has made all the effort worthwhile!

Have a lovely weekend!

Best wishes