Monday, 3 June 2013

Purple Sensation...

It's back to business after a lovely week long break during the school half term.  

For me, this week is all about getting back in the swing of things, having a little sort out and starting to develop some new designs.  Whilst I get to grips with that, I'd love to share with you the most amazing view I have at the moment.   Beneath my window are a host of gorgeous Alliums, 'Purple Sensation' in full bloom stretching towards the sun.  

We plant more and more each autumn as they are may favourites and I really wish they'd bloom a little longer as I just can't get enough of them...

I'm in love with that rich purple against a deep blue sky and now there is a lone yellow iris which has come out and is such a wonderful sharp contrast to the purple. It's a stunning sight, I hope you enjoy it!

I'll leave you to soak in those colours and will be back soon.

Have a lovely week :)