Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My Creative Space...

I'm checking in for a quick mid week catch up as I have a couple of things featured this week and thought it would be nice to share them with you.  Particularly for those who have followed my blog for a long time because one of these features provides a candid peep at where I create my artwork.

Photographer Lyndsey James has a wonderful new blog called Photo Craft which is steadily filling up with lots of helpful tips for photographing and styling handcrafted items.  The blog is also running a series called 'Creative Spaces' which features the work space of different artists and crafters and creative folk.  
This week my creative space is featured and you can read all about it here on that blog: 

The other feature that put a smile on my face this morning is today's front page on Folksy which was curated by More Tea Vicar? and is called 'Everything Stops for Tea'.  You can view the original pinterest board for this collection here:

I must admit, I fallen a little bit in love with the tea cosy that More Tea Vicar has created.  I'm so pleased I spotted this feature simply to discover a yet another lovely Folksy shop...

Here's to lots more new art, design and craft discoveries - I'll raise my tea mug to that!  :)

Best Wishes

Angie x