Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ta Da! - All these designs are off to Spring Fair International

For the past few months I've been chipping away at a rather large list of designs required for The Heart of a Garden's stand at Spring Fair International.  This list arrived with the title "Your challenge should you choose to accept it!".  Well, I must admit I do thrive on a good challenge and was whole heatedly up for the task.  

This past week I sent over some the last remaining items on that list which happened to be additional Christmas card designs.  The timing to do those couldn't have been more perfect as thanks to all the recent snowy weather I found myself in completely the right mood to do them.

I know I've shown quite a number of the new designs on here before, but I thought it would be nice to show the complete collection that will be heading up the M5 towards Birmingham's NEC at the end of this week.

So here goes.  First up 20 card designs for the 'Living The Dream' range which is all about escaping to the coast, country and riverside to enjoy life's pleasures in the great outdoors... 

...Next there are 13 designs in my new 'Love and Best Wishes' special occasions range.  I have plans to expand this range a bit further before this year is done... 

 ...Last but not least.  12 Christmas card designs and 3 gift wrap designs in my 
'Tis The Season Range'.  6 of these designs are hot off my desk and will be available later this year 
as 5x7 cards....

So there they all are and looking at them all together like that makes me realise just how much work I've managed to produce lately.  It feels so good to have met that challenge and I'm really looking forward to seeing all the designs as finished greeting cards and display panels at Spring Fair International.

Have a great week!

Angie x