Monday, 7 May 2012

A Productive Few Days

Happy May Day!

I do love getting packages arrive in the post.  The other day I had my order of blue and plum coloured bakers twine arrive from Pretty Fabrics and Trims and my new mini cards from land on my door mat.  Which had me fiddling about with parcelling up bundles of my cards ready to photograph them and load them to my website...

Now that all the Post Office postage price increases are in place and I've got a better handle on what the true costs are for my products, it got me thinking of better ways to add value to compensate for having to raise postage costs generally.  Naturally the answer is to try and get as much in a package as possible up to the postage weight threshold, that way you can offer the discount on each item for saving on posting 
items individually.

Which is why you can now find listed on my website, packs of 5 greetings cards for £8 including UK postage and packing (making each card £1.60 each instead of the £2.50 each it costs for them individually). If you fancy a peek here's the link:

I've done a fair bit of photographing and listing in the past few days as my on-line shops needed to be given a bit of TLC (they've been a bit neglected lately)...also, I don't even think I've had a moment to let you know about my 2 new on-line shops...

You can now find Artwork By Angie on Luulla  & Your Indies (please click the images to see my shops)

But its not all been about listing items...I've been acquiring a few lately too.  You'll see a little stash below of gorgeous things that are now in my possession.  The lovely bunny is a gift from my friend Marna over at Little A Designs.  I won the pretty crochet brooch and hair slides in Victoria Rose Crafts give-away, which I'm delighted about as Rose from Victoria Rose got me started on all these logo and branding packages, so when I wear the brooch (which I have been doing a lot recently) it holds a lot of meaning for me as I am truly grateful to Rose for getting me going on something that has turned out to be quite successful 
and something I really enjoy - Thank you Rose! :)

The other gorgeous brooch is from one of my favourite Folksy/ Not on The High Street sellers, Polka.  There were a few brooches in Andrea's shop that have been calling my name for a while now, but that little apple dinky brooch really does it for me, so I treated myself...

Actually the apple brooch from Polka looks fab sat next to the Victoria Rose brooch on my jacket and together they zap some colour back into these grey days we've been having lately...

Come on summer sunshine, as Delia Smith would say "Let's be havin' ya!"

I hope you all enjoy the Bank Holiday

Best Wishes

Angie :)