Tuesday, 15 February 2011

This Bird Has Started Tweeting!

Well, I've only gone and done it...I've signed myself up to twitter...and I feel a total twit, because I've not got a clue what to do! I'm sure I'll figure it out...eventually!

What finally prompted me was facebook changing all their fan page set up last week and me spending most of last Friday trying to get my head around all the changes. I thought to myself, if I can master all of that, surely twitter can't be that difficult. So, I got brave and set myself up...made it all look pretty - but don't know what you're actually supposed to do (oops!)...I mean, whats with all the #ff #fb @blah-dee-blah ???? !!!!!!! :-/

Oh boy! - and to think, I used to be able to use a bit of MS Dos (there, showed my age!).

PLEASE hear my plea! - if you are reading this and you tweet, pop and say hello as ALL ADVICE WILL BE VERY, VERY GRATEFULLY RECEIVED!


It had to be done though, I've gained so much already from dipping my toes into blogging, Illustration Friday-ing and facebook pages...So, here's to tweeting too!