Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Yay Retro are just my cup of tea!..


What a lovely start to the week, to find that my work has been featured on the blog of one of my favourite online shops.  Yay Retro is a bright and colourful wonderland of vintage china, glassware and kitchenalia from the 1940s to 1970s.  

Being such a child of the 70s, I adore the nostalia each set of china stirs inside me. The memories of tea at my granny's house and the casserole dishes from which my mum served hearty meals to warm us after a busy day at school.  Many of those Scandinavian 70s patterns are etched deep in my mind and certainly influence a lot of my design work.

To read Yay Retro's blog feature about my work please click here: https://www.yayretro.co.uk/blog/777/yay-retro-loves-Artwork-by-Angie

Meanwhile, let me share a taste of why I love Yay Retro.  Here are my top picks from their current stock...

70s Orange Daisy Teaset - I love the bright zesty colour of these which say 'wakey, wakey, rise and shine!'


Filigree Trios and bowl (J&G Meakin Studio) - Such a beautiful and fanciful pattern, I particularly love the line drawn style. 

Enamel Floral Pan Set (Taunton Vale) -  Look at these delicious floral pans worthy of  Beverly from Abigail's party's kitchen - I can almost taste my childhood!

I hope you enjoyed my top picks, there's plenty more to discover over on their site and items change daily so there's always something new to delight in.

Have a lovely day!

Best wishes