Thursday, 24 October 2013

Preparing for the Run Up to Christmas...



I can't quite believe our children break up for half term tomorrow! This week has mostly been all about getting things lined up behind the scenes on my website ready to switch over to Christmas.  There has been plenty of product listing going on these past couple of weeks and already I've sold a few Christmas themed items (there are some impressively organised people out there!)...

...As well as product listing, I've put together a mini brochure for local stockists and an online Christmas Look Book.  You can take an early peep at the Christmas Look Book by clicking the links here, but I am expecting a delivery of new Christmas cards in the next few days which means there is more to be added to it yet so watch this space...

I've also started using my pretty stock of Christmas stickers and cards that go out with orders - I'm really pleased with how these came out...

My biggest step towards getting organised for the hectic run up to Christmas is I've finally invested in a decent mobile phone.  I spend so much time on my computer that I've really neglected the technology in my pocket - so what better time to get a whizzy gadget to help sort out my life than a few weeks before Christmas!  I can now do my Christmas shopping on the go - once I work out how to use it properly! tee hee! it means I can at last catch up on social media apps like Instagram which I'm thoroughly enjoying exploring for the first time. 

If you fancy joining me over on instagram here's where you'll find me:

Hope to see you there soon.

Best wishes


  1. Angie your Christmas designs are gorgeous. Enjoy your new phone, it's hard getting used to something new.
    See you on IG although I've not exactly been active on there lately!
    love jooles xxx

  2. Thanks Jooles :) I've just spotted you on IG and have requested to follow you back. Hope all is good with you? xx

  3. i adore the gingerbread paper x