Monday, 29 July 2013

A Little Peep at New Work In Progress...

I'm very excited to share a long over due cheeky peep at some new designs in the making.  

I must admit, it's all a bit of a juggling act at the moment with the kids on their school hols, but thanks to my scary brave move a few months ago to only do custom orders for my lovely regular customers, I've finally found a bit more balance to my working week.  There have been plenty of ideas buzzing in the back of my mind for months and in the past few weeks I've finally laid firm plans, drawn up scamps and concepts, costed it all up and set up a bit of a timing plan so now know exactly what I'm working towards and feel all the better for it.  It's now a case of get on and do it....

...So, that's exactly what I've been doing in between being a very full time mum and working on the orders I've got booked in for the moment (a few late nights are on the cards - but hey ho! I've always been a bit of a night owl)...

...The designs you see here are to extend my gift wrap and notecard/general stationery range and will tie in with a new greetings card range I have planned, more of which I will reveal soon when the first concepts become finished pieces...

...You may have noticed that I've been posting lots of photos of our garden in full bloom.  The garden has played a massive part in inspiring the new range I am currently working on...

I look forward to revealing more new work with you soon.

Have a great week :)
Best wishes


  1. I love your new designs... I think my favourite is the sunflowers. Look forward to seeing your finished pieces.

    1. Thanks Nicki, I had to get a sunflower design in at the moment as we have a gorgeous row of them in our back garden at the moment. x

  2. I love the pink and grey one at the top of the page....gorgeous colour combination :) xx

  3. Beautiful designs as always Angie. These would also make for some gorgeous fabric!!!