Monday, 9 January 2012

Here's a cheeky reveal of some of the designs off to Spring Fair International...

Hello, hope all those new years resolutions are coming along nicely!  I apologise now if a new year diet is what you've resolved to do as I'm about to flaunt temptation your way!

After spending Christmas stuffing my face with chocs, there's no chance for me to resolve to go without them as I've had a very tasty project to sink my teeth into....

...As some of you may know from previous sneaky peeks on this blog, I was asked by The Heart of a Garden to create some more designs for my Life is Sweet range to be displayed on their stand at the NEC Spring fair in a few weeks time.

So, for the past couple of months, in and around the chaotic lead up to Christmas and a little bit over the Christmas hols too, I've been busy burning the midnight oil working on 3 double sided gift wraps, 4 note cards and 6 new greetings card designs!...

...Apologies for the quality of the photo of my computer screen above, but it does sort of sum up the way I've been working lately - in the dark, just me, my machine and my imagination...Oh and Radio 6 - I mustn't forget their important input as they've kept me going ;-)...

...Its all getting exciting now as I sent the final artworks over yesterday and I've just booked my train ticket this morning, so I'll be off to the Spring Fair in a few weeks to see the fruits of my labour on display.  

I can't wait, especially to see my first ever gift wrap designs in print!

Have a great week,



  1. Wow they look great and what an achievement Angie, well done! Bet you will be so proud when you see them and rightly so! xx

  2. Mrs S this is amazing! they all look great and wrapping paper too how cool is that :) Sending a big pat on the back down the M5 & keep up the good work! x