Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A new design for Little A Designs

Here is the new logo and web banner design bundle I've created for Little A Designs.

I've had a fab time working on this brief as I was asked to do a couple of options which enabled me to have a good play with different colours, patterns and typography. The brief was to create something with an air of enchanted forests about it and to sit alongside all the wonderful handstitched delights created by Marna, the creative talent behind Little A Designs.

Marna has a great eye for colour, unique and charming fabrics and quirky details on the cushions, hanging hearts and little birds she creates. Her designs are often personalised and she currently has a great range of gifts for mothers day in stock on her website, go see for yourselves:

Below is the design that got away - it was the first option I presented, but we agreed that maybe it was a bit too 'Country Cottage' for Marna's designs. The fabrics she uses tend to have brighter, fresher colours. Also, during the process of designing these logos, Marna commissioned the fabulous Skull & Crossbuns to create a rubber stamp of a stags head for Little A Designs - a design which I've now included in the final web banners.