Thursday, 9 July 2015

Celebrating 5 Years - GIVEAWAY!!


As promised in yesterday's blog post, to celebrate 5 YEARS, I am giving away

ANY 5 of my Unframed Prints

To enter my GIVEAWAY and be in with a chance of winning a bundle of ANY 5 from unframed prints collection (including any of my handcut 'family tree' prints), all you need to do is where you see my giveaway post (i.e. the image at the top of this blog post) simply add the comment 'I'm in'.

You can do that here, or over on my facebook page or Instagram.  
If you spot the post on twitter, simply reply to me 'I'm in'

That way I will be able to easily see who has entered...

Here are some examples of the prints the lucky winner will be able to choose from, There are plenty more to choose from and you can find them here:

This giveaway is officially being hosted here and is open until 9pm Thurs 16th June 2015.

The lucky winner will be announced here on my blog and then shared around 
my other social media sites.

As well as this giveaway, subscribers to my emails have been sent a newsletter today with an exclusive 20% OFF discount code for each of my online shops, which is valid until 10th August.

If you would like to receive my exclusive subscriber offers, please use the link below to sign up to my emails:

There is a full week to grab a chance to enter the giveaway.
Please feel free to like and share any posts to help promote it, that would be lovely and I would be very grateful for those likes and shares...


Meet you back here to announce the winner on the 16th

Best wishes