Friday, 13 March 2015

Something Pinteresting For The Weekend...

Happy Friday!

My 'something pinteresting for the weekend' this week gets all inspired by nature.

Nicola Slater's 'Behold the Dancing Otter' always brings a smile to my face, such a happy drawing and with lots of my family coming from Tarka country in North Devon, it's all the more joyful and resonant for me....

There are so many wonderful colours to be found in nature and the illustration above caputures some that so beautifully.  It's by Olaf Hajek  - check out the website for more jaw droppingly stunning illustation work...

Finally, I've always been very fond of the early illustrative work of Andy Warhol and spent ages as an art student soaking up his work in the library.  I find his life story deeply inspiring, but before all the soup cans and screen prints he was the hottest booking when it came to commercial illustration work in 1950s New York -  and it's those examples of his distinctive drawing style that fascinates me most.

To find more colourful inspirations from nature here's a link to my 'Inspired By Nature' pinterest board.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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