Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bouncing into Action Developing New Designs...


It makes me very happy to announce that today was my first 'NO COAT' day of the year!  :)
I'm keeping everything crossed that the weather stays nice and that it's the first of many no coat days this year.

For that reason I want to celebrate by sharing some cheeky peeps at some of the new designs I'm working on.  I know I have cut it very fine for new designs for Easter this year, but hey ho - they'll be ready to go nice and early for next year...

This new Easter card is at the printers right now and will be available from my online shops by the weekend.

I also need to restock some of my gift wrap designs so am taking the opportunity to slip a few new designs into that order which include my little bouncy bunnies design at the top of this post.

There's another project I've been dipping in and out of over the past few weeks and it's almost ready to go to print.  Below are some teaser images of a new recipe book I'll be adding to my stationery range soon for Spring and Summer... 

Have a lovely week.

Best wishes