Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Golden Years - New Anniversary Cards...

The days seem to be flying by and tumble weed is beginning to fly past my blog - so let me show you some of the things I've been working on lately. 

Here are my 4 special wedding anniversary cards to add to my 'Love and Best Wishes' collection.
These will generally be printed as 120x170mm cards (although the diamond wedding one will be slightly larger).  There'll be some fancy print finishes with these too - but more about those when I can reveal the finished printed versions.... 

These cards are just some of the ones that will be added to the Love and Best Wishes range this year and will be showcased at Spring Fair International in a couple of weeks time...

I had lots of fun creating these, especially these last two (Ruby and Silver Anniversary) as they brought back happy memories of  3 weddings that I was lucky to be a bridesmaid for many years ago (I've been a bridesmaid 3 times before I became a bride, so you all know where to stick that old saying! ha!).  There are definitely elements of those weddings encapsulated in these designs and I'm sure some of my family may spot where I've been inspired...

As I said, these designs and plenty more of mine are heading off to Spring Fair International at the NEC.  
If you are planning to head there for a visit, you'll find them on Art Eco Designs Stand, number 4F75...

 I've booked my tickets and have made plans to visit and am really looking forward to what I know will be a very inspiring trip soon.

Have a great week
Best wishes


  1. These are lovely designs. I like how youve incorporated the fashions of past eras. They would be nice reminders of falling in love for those who receive them.

  2. Thank you :) that is exactly what I had in mind with these designs. I wanted to help bring back some happy memories of their wedding day with a bit more than just some fancy lettering a picture of some flowers. I've been looking at anniversary cards on the market and they often seem a little lacking in ideas - which is a shame because if you are lucky to reach your 25th anniversary and beyond it's such an achievement and deserves something special.