Monday, 16 September 2013

Going Local...


This week I want to share this lovely new online boutique with you.  It's a project I've been involved with for the past couple of months and now it's all launched and live!

Just after Easter I was approached by the founders of Elsie and Fleur to assist them with the branding for their new website and to also be a stockist.  I jumped at the opportunity as their idea for their online boutique sounded just right to me so I was honoured to be asked.  Their vision was to create a place for makers in the Westcountry to showcase their creations on a website which operates like a traditional shop i.e. Elsie and Fleur buy in the goods at wholesale rates rather than operating as an online market place.  Simply put, Elsie and Fleur hold the stock and handle the fulfillment of all the items listed on the site - with every item having been made with love in the Westcountry.  They're also committed to ensuring that everything on their site is affordable by having a ceiling price of £40 which makes Elsie & Fleur a great place to find lots of lovely little unusual handmade gifts and keepsakes...

Here is a link to their site if you fancy a good browse:

If you are a maker based in the Westcountry, Elsie and Fleur are always on the look out for new and exciting products to feature on their site and I am certain they'd love to hear from you.  Here's a link to contact them if this sounds just the thing for you:

On the subject of local stockists, yesterday I was sorting out my trade pack as I have plans lined up to get out and about visiting some potential new local stockists in the next few weeks.

The trade section on my website has also been updated and it now includes a full trade brochure which you can flick through here: wasn't until I started to update my sample card files and put together my trade brochure that I realized quite how much my range of cards has grown in the past year...

 ...and the ranges are steadily continuing to grow because last week I completed six new card designs with a Christmas flavour which I will reveal soon .  I'm only holding off as I don't want to give you all Christmas fatigue this early on - you're far too important to do that to! ;)

I hope you all have a great week

Best wishes