Tuesday, 25 June 2013

New Designs Brewing and Spotted in the Shops...

Hello!  What a lovely day it has been today.  It's also been a while since my last blog post so I thought I'd drop in and share with you the piece I've been working on today which is all about happy sunny days.  For the past 6 months at least I've been itching to make a gift wrap version of my 'Living the Dream' designs.   Time has not been on my side until today.  Today was as good a day as any to just get on with creating the vision I've had in my head for months.  

I must admit, it wasn't the job I set out to work on today.  This morning it was all about Christmas.  Which felt very wrong -  but it needed some attention to keep on top of things.  First up was gathering some of my Christmas stock for a local stockist's photo shoot...

.. and whilst I was getting in the Christmas groove I started mapping out scamps of ideas for my next Christmas designs.  However, once I'd had my tea break in the garden I just couldn't face the prospect of  doing anymore Christmas on a day like this.  Which is why I got going on my designs for 'Living the Dream' gift wrap and feel all the better for it!....

It's been busy times behind the scenes here for the past couple of weeks.  I've had a major sort out of my working area and my admin. I've taken time out to enjoy the nearby coast and country with my family.  I've caught up with friends, read books, made plans and have generally got myself in a much better place with my working situation than I was in a couple of months ago.  It's so good to be developing new stuff again.

The other exciting thing that has been happening lately is, because more people are getting out and about in the better weather, more sightings of my designs in shops are arriving in my email inbox.  I am so humbled by the fact that other people value what I do enough to not only stock or buy my designs, but also take photos of my designs in shops and then email the pics to me so that I can see.  I can't begin to express how exciting that feels and I am eternally grateful for each and every sighting!

Here are a few to share with you.  First up, a very special shop in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, The Jewellery Junkee which is run by a lovely lady called Liz who is not only a loyal stockist but has also become a great friend too...

Step inside Liz's pretty pink shop by the seaside where quirky and colourful jewellery, cupcake bath bombs and pretty hand-made things are the order of the day.  This shop will put a smile on your face... 

I must thank Marna at Little A Designs for these photos as she was the one who spotted my cards and promptly took lots of photos to email to me - thank you so much!

Another shop, another sighting.  This time I need to thank my Auntie Lynda for sending me the photo below of my cards in a gift shop in St Mawes in Cornwall.  From Wales to Cornwall, it's fair to say my cards are getting about a bit!...

I hope you are all getting a chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine too.

Have a great week
Best Wishes

Angie :)


  1. Yay for sunny weather and feeling creative!!! Love the new gift wrap xo

    1. Thanks Sarah - the sunshine makes a big difference doesn't it?...I've seen lots of lovely creations coming out of your business page recently too! here's to feeling creative again, yay! :) xx

  2. No not the "C" word in June .... loving the gift wrap. I wish there were a shop in Birmingham that stocked your pretty things ~ Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah...yes, it's didn't feel right to be working on Christmas in June, but it does need attention at this time of year unfortunately. Shame I've not got a stockist near you, but my website shop has all my designs with postage costs included which is the next best thing. x

  3. I think we all forget that we need time out, now and again. It's very easy just to keep plodding on working without recharging our creative batteries. I'm guilty of this. I hope you now feel refreshed and zingy! Loving your giftwrap.