Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 2 - Having Something Made By Hand Just For You.

Hello, Cooey!   

Today I thought you may like to see my face for a change.  That's me above, loitering by some shed doors dressed to the nines for a product photoshoot by the very wonderful Kate & Alex Photography ...oh we did have some fun that day :)  On this occasion the product was for me, but not created by me - more about that in a moment...

As we've arrived at Wednesday, to help overcome any mid-week blues I'd like to share another of my 'Reasons to Be Cheerful' with you.   Those of you who have been regularly following this blog may remember I started this little series a few weeks ago and you can read about that here:

Today's reason to be cheerful is 'Having something made by hand just for you'  

I adore handmade things. I love that each piece has a story to tell and each part of the process took thought, time, effort, love and sacrifice to create.  Whenever I can, I try to pretty my world with a little handmade something here and there.  If I had the resources I would adorn my whole house and wardrobe with handmade items.  Alas, I have a shandy and not a champagne budget so content myself with a mild addiction to handmade brooches, little hanging decorations and the odd cushion cover! 

Imagine my utter joy and elation when last year for my 40th birthday my sister-in-law Louise presented me with the most amazing gift I've ever had (with the exception of my children of course!)...  

Please feast your eyes on my gorgeous dress coat which has been completely created from scratch just for me by the very talented hands of Louise (my sister-in-law) from Crafty Coo.  I would have done a link to a website there, but that's all in the pipeline as she's not quite ready to fly with her little business just yet with my youngest niece still too little for nursery...but do watch this space, because I'm working on that ;)

As you can see, my beautiful coat makes me feel ever so happy.  That is the power of having something made just for you.  I totally recommend getting something handmade, it's good for the soul!

Have a lovely day :)