Wednesday, 6 June 2012

An Extraordinary Weekend and Give Away Winner

Hello and a very BIG welcome to lots of new followers and likers, good to see you all here!

Wowsers, what a wonderful weekend in spite of the rain...

Well it wouldn't be a very British celebration if we didn't get a bit of a soaking - it all added to the occasion I think! Personally, I was extremely impressed by the choir with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on Sunday's finale, for belting out the anthems whilst getting completely drenched in the heavy downpour - that's the kind of spirit that makes me proud to be a Brit!

I'm also amazed at the stamina The Queen has for a lady of her age - she really deserved the celebrations she got...60 dutiful years of acting as a shining example to inspire others, particularly in her role as head of the armed services - I can't help but respect the woman!

If you celebrated all things Jubilee, I hope you all had a thoroughly great time too :)

See me up there in my cheesy snap shot - that was taken whilst revelling in the celebrations taking place in our town's High Street on Sunday.  Please note I'm using my own kind of flag semaphore in this pic which says 'Look! those are my cards!!!'... there they are, nestled in between cards from The Illustrators and Emma Bridgewater in the window of our local book shop.  I guess I can now say I 'AM On The High Street!' tee hee!...that really was a bonus to see those amongst all the jubilations!

Before I scooted off and joined all the parties I left you all with my 'Diamond Give Away' which has now closed.

THANK YOU all so very much for your support and all the entries.

 I have gathered all your names from facebook, here on the blog and twitter and have added the list to a random generator do-dah.


And the winner is...

Pip Otter!

Yay! well done Pip - please can you drop me a message with your address and I'll get all those items off to you very soon :)

Thank you to everyone who entered...I'll no doubt do another give away soon (perhaps when I reach 2000 likes on facebook) so keep 'em peeled.

The working week has only just began and we are nearly at the weekend already - how cool is that?!
Hope you all have a great one

Best Wishes