Thursday, 3 May 2012

Rain go away! I'm Trying to get my Orders in Order!...


I can't quite believe we've arrived at May already! Although the weather here still feels like the depths of winter.  Do you like my little illo above?...its very old, one of my student drawings in fact...but it sums up how I feel about this dreadful weather...I need a whiff of sunshine now, I'm bored of the rain!

The past few months have been a blur for me, I've been head down getting on with business. 
Mind you, I've been working with some wonderful little businesses lately so I'm still having a ball!  

And, I can't help but notice from reading blogs and facebook pages that many of you are all rushed off your feet too...could it be that there's a bit of a revolution happening where lots more people are turning to independent and handmade for a little something different?  hmmm, its nice to think so!.. I've certainly contributed and have been using my birthday spends to make some rather lovely purchases from some great designer makers lately (but I'll save those for another blog post!).

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have been in touch recently with kind words and support whilst my order book has been shut.  I am planning to re-open soon, but I have a few people to contact first as my note below explains all.  I've only just posted this note on my website - if you are interested in my logo and branding service, this note details where I'm at and what my current plan is it hopefully it'll answer any questions about waiting times for the moment....

If you've contacted me about branding recently, I will be getting in touch very soon...I'm going do it in small batches over the coming days so that I can still prioritise the work load I have on currently. If I don't reply to your email immediately, please don't think I'm being rude - I'm just trying to get some work done and most importantly, be mum to my two little girls.

In an effort to restore a bit of work/life balance and harmony in my home, I'm making it a policy to try to reply to emails relating to future jobs within a week. However, for jobs that I am currently working on or are about to begin, I will try my best to reply to messages within 24 hours. 

Above are a few cheeky glimpses of just a fraction of what I've been working on lately.

There is one business I've worked with recently that I do want to sing and dance about, because I think what Leeanne is doing is amazing and deserves whole hearted support.  I recently did a bit of branding work for a facebook page called Heaven's Teaparty.  Leeanne, the face behind the page, creates beautiful hand crafted items such as fabric hearts, hair accessories, brooches - lots of pretty things....and she does this all to support  Kindfund is a charity that helps some of the poorest tribes in North Kenya.  They run 3 children's homes and organise meal programmes for local communities - this is just a tiny bit of what they do and you can find out more about them on their website

You can also find out more about Heaven's Teaparty by visiting their facebook page here...well worth a visit!:

It's nearly the weekend. I hope yours is a good one!

Best Wishes

Angie :)