Friday, 25 February 2011

Logo & Website Make-Over for Jenny's Pampering

This week I've given Jenny's Pampering website and logo a bit of a make-over.

Jenny approached me to redesign her company logo and give her pampering business its own, unique identity. Jenny provides pampering parties and services to both adults and children offering manicures, tanning, waxing and make-overs.

My design needed to appeal to both ladies and little girls, and have the same 'feel-good' factor you would have if you're lucky enough to experience a bit of pampering from Jenny!

I also created a small library of clip illustrations for Jenny to use across her website and also use on any future marketing materials. Please pop over to Jenny's website to see my illustrations in action:


  1. Love the top image especially, you've created a really coherent branding for her, am sure she's made up! x

  2. another job well done Mrs S, looks great!

  3. Good to see you on Folksy featured hot picks, just where you belong, Nic ♥

  4. Ahh, thank you ladies. The main thing is Jenny seems to be happy with her new logo and has done a great job laying them out across her website...its lovely to see other people enjoying getting creative with something you originated :-)