Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Illustration Friday - 'Star Gazing'

This weeks Illustration Friday topic is 'Star Gazing'. It comes at a time when my thoughts are turning to creating Christmas themed work to sell over the next few months through my website and at craft markets.
What a gift this topic is!...being as pragmatic as ever, I'm able to use my response to this weeks topic as a design for Christmas cards.
Lets face it, those three wise men were the ultimate 'Star Gazers'.


  1. how cute!! sweet faces on your characters, too

  2. Nice one Angie! Great angle and nice line work!

  3. Ahh, Christmas. Nice solution to the topic! I'm really digging the overall design of this as well as your color choices. Great job!

  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone, I did enjoy drawing this one - although it feels a bit wrong to be creating Christmas images with sunflowers swaying in the breeze outside my window!